My focus is the merging of digital technology and physical space. If it’s digital but doesn’t live on a screen then that’s my thing.

You might call this stuff experiential or transmedia. You might be in architecture or advertising or retail or event production. Whatever you call it, I do it. Specifically:

1) Consulting on interactive technology for physical space
If you have an idea (even the kernel of an idea) I have a a memory bank full of interesting precedents, inspirations, tangents and techniques that can help make the idea real.

2) Prototyping & project guidance
Showing beats telling every time. I can take an intangible idea and make it into a solid physical prototype. Whether you need digital fabrication, coding, electronics I can help.

3) Interactive installations for events and spaces
Over the last several years I have developed and produced dozens of custom interactive experiences for events. Give me a sense of your themes, space and audience and I can help create something unique and fun for your guests to experience.

I’d love to chat – email or call (if that’s your thing) 416-476-3788.