1834 Roller Rider

May 21, 2009

Despite a few maddening moments between a fully functional set-up and the actual start of the Toronto The Good gathering, the debut of our 1834 Roller Rider installation went over quite well with those in attendance. (see NOW) A good constant stream of folks watching from behind and queuing up to mount the cruiser controlled installation (and then dismounting with smiles still on) suggests Version 1 is something worth building on.

What began as a beer & burgers conversation about playing mobile-controlled pacman on the streets of Toronto soon morphed into the ambling experience that could make indoor riding actually fun. Imagine pedaling the streets of 1834′s Toronto while watching synced video of those streets today. Spot those bits of old architecture? How about a faded mural or that spot where Duke and Newgate once met and now form Adelaide?

A collaboration between Michael Pereira and Patrick Dinnen, on the surface the Roller Rider seemed pretty straight-forward — a little bit of hardware and software talking between bike and computer-controlled video. We owe some thanks for the insight of, among others, the dedicated Yvonne Bambrick of the Toronto Cyclists Union and Navid Taslimi of Goldsprints.

And of course Willie (or Willy?) the junior MLTer who brings a state of zen with him and, even when boards are spewing more noise than data, has the ability to maintain his own and our composure. Plus, as a pre-tween, he’s got loads of energy and he kept the wheels spinning; one of the few to do the full figure-8 loop — repeatedly at that.

1834 Roller Rider at Toronto the Good from Patrick Dinnen on Vimeo.

(c) original post by Michael Pereira