Back in the (conventional) working world

January 23, 2014

On January 1st I switched back to being a professional creative tech guy after 9 months of being stay at home dad to a toddler. Not sure I’ve ever worked harder than those 9 months, so I’m hoping returning to this creative tech thing will be a breeze in comparison.

Last time I was working full time I used the spare bedroom in our apartment as my office. That room was now occupied by the toddler I mentioned though, so I needed space. And I found some wonderful space thanks to the generousity of Leila and Paul from Tineye who provided room to work in their small but nicely appointed maker lab in the company HQ. They have a high end soldering iron, friendly people, a laser cutter and snacks. Hard to beat that.

Next I needed projects. I have a few things on the bubble that are hopefully set to turn into interesting contracts. Until those come though though I planned to work on some personal creative projects. Something I haven’t managed to do enough of for several years because available time and motivation never lined up.

Here’s the list I came up with:
1) build a window mounted drawing robot, modelled after Der Kritzler;
2) develop new painting effects for WISP, the quadcopter powered light writing project I’ve been working on with Brent[] and Dré[].
3) re-build the Analog Defender game console so that it isn’t so convoluted to transport and setup. Then get it out into the world and let people play with it.

So, this post acts as an introduction for what I hope is a series of interesting new projects. Also as a nudge to get in touch if you need someone to help imagine, design and build projects where the physical and digital spheres overlap in interesting ways.

CC licensed photo by Andrew Z