DJI Phantom payload and weight

August 15, 2013

I’m working on a project that will be lifted by my new DJI Phantom quadcopter. It’s a bit tricky finding data on the quad’s weight and payload, so I’m noting my weights here. These weights should be good, but I’m using a cheap digital kitchen scale so they might be out by a few grams.

According to the Phantom’s quick start manual the maximum weight the Phantom’s motors can lift (quad + payload) is 1,200g. This forum thread suggests that the Phantom flies reasonably well at 1,130g total weight but gets more sluggish and harder to fly as you approach the 1,200g limit.
Stock Phantom (without battery) 627g
Stock Phantom plus prop guards (without battery) 704g
Stock DJI 2,200mAh LiPo battery 173g

While I’m noting, here are a few other weights that are relevant to my project:
Eneloop 2,000mAh AA rechargeable 27g each
4 AA Eneloops in a minimal battery holder 121g
Adafruit HL1606 RGB addressable LED strip (with waterproof cover and JST connector) 58g
3/16″ foamcore by Elmers (20″x30″ sheet) 236g

CC Licensed image by DayJoy